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Vintage Star Wars Poster?

I was digging around in a friends barn, and found a HUGE star wars poster in a sealed frame. I'm a huge geek when it comes to star wars, but I'm trying to figure out if it is real or not. Does anyone know any secret watermarks or tell tale signs that its real/fake? links would be much appreciated. Please and thanks:)

Star Wars


On page 289 of this book, it goes into detail describing exactly what is said below. There ARE bootlegs of Star Wars posters! Don't let any dishonest seller try and tell you otherwise. These bootlegs are of exceptional quality, and to the untrained eye can easily appear authentic. The reason they appear so real is because they were printed from the same plates as the originals, only it was done over 10 years later in the late 1980's! There are very subtle differences, you have to know what to look for or you can easily be fooled.

Look out for "lightly folded" Star Wars style A, B, and C full size 27"x41" one sheets. These are the most counterfeited movie posters in history! To make them appear "theater used", the bad guys have started to fold them because they were having trouble selling them rolled. It makes them appear more authentic if they are folded. Sometimes after they fold them they put pin holes in them and even go as far as getting them linen backed! The style A bootleg will have a small hair on Luke's belt, the style B bootleg will be missing the GAU logo, and the Style C bootleg will have a small hair on Leia's back. If you ask the few unscrupulous dealers who have an endless supply of these (they have been selling them non stop on Ebay since the late 90's) they will try to convince you that they are just a "printing variation" that is common with all movie posters. This is a blatant lie, but to an uninformed new collector it sounds like a reasonable excuse. None of these fakes has EVER come from a theater and none were EVER printed for theater use. These are UNAUTHORIZED RESTRIKES!! (see below). They have been around since the late 80's and they are of excellent quality. These fakes were first documented in The Tomarts' Price Guide to Worldwide Star Wars Collectibles.....back in 1997!!! They are also documented in the new 2005 Star Wars Poster Book. These books are authorized by Lucasfilm. The author is Steve Sansweet who is THE Star Wars collectibles expert and is employed by Lucasfilm. Anyone who tries to convince you that these are authentic original one sheets is just flat out lying to you. They normally sell these fakes for about $100.00. Authentic original ones will typically sell for many hundreds of dollars and sometimes well over $1000.00.

There are also fake "minty white" 14"x36" insert movie posters for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi (see below).

These bootlegs are now about 20 years old! Some can even look aged/old like an original. There are many thousands in circulation.

Also be wary of Revenge of the Jedi one sheets. These were bootlegged within a few months of the posters initial release/recall back in 1982!! The fakes are now 25 years old, just like the originals!! There are at least 3 different kinds of bootlegs of this one!!


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